Bio: Amy B. Leland, LMW, CPM

Amy Leland CPM

Amy Leland has dedicated her career to the field of Midwifery since 1992. Although well accomplished in her profession, Amy still considers her greatest achievement to be her son Ford, now a successful adult. While developing her midwife practice,Amy raised her son as a single mother, and homeschooled him through most of his primary education. As a result, she not only has a son she is proud of, but a best friend in him as well.

A native of the city of Washington, DC, Amy received her college education at Lord Fairfax in Virginia and completed her clinical education in Midwifery in the Amish community outside Harrisburg, PA. Amy moved to Greenwood, SC in 1997 to establish her Midwifery practice. Shortly thereafter, Amy made history by opening South Carolina's first licensed, freestanding birthing center owned and operated by a midwife. She opened, in 2004, her current larger clinic in Greenville where she now practices exclusively, providing both birth center and home births.

Amy has been an advocate for improving the practice of Midwifery in South Carolina. She continues to invest a considerable amount of time and personal resources seeking to improve the laws and regulations that protect the interests of the parents and unborn children served by the midwifery profession in the state. Amy is a member of the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM), the American Association of Childbirth Centers (AABC), is licensed by the Department of Health in SC and is a Nationally Registered Certified Professional Midwife. Amy is making her way to her 2000th delivery. Will it be yours?