"From the day we met Amy, my husband and I were happy. Amy treated us as people and not as a number; we could tell she was sincere and considerate of our wishes. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. We had our first baby there and the day of the birth was amazing. We didn't feel pressured in any way to hurry up and have the baby. The setting was extremely comfortable, appealing and relaxing. Amy would check on me to see if I was fine and allowed my husband and I to enjoy the whole experience together. The actual birth of my son went much faster than my husband and I thought it would. We believe it was because the whole atmosphere was calming and that Amy was there when I needed her. Amy was truly sincere and helpful in every way. What a wonderful experience and blessing it was for us! The things I liked the most about being at Blessed Births with Amy was the care that she provided because she was always there to assist me when I needed it, she allowed us our privacy, she gave encouragement and she was always kind and not overbearing."

Baby Name: Zephaniah Roy View Pictures

"Adalyn Harper 8lbs 4ozs My pregnancy and birth was the best experience of my life and Blessed Births made that possible. I felt well taken care of but appreciated the freedom to make my own decisions. I truly believe that God led me to Blessed Births. It was comforting to know that my midwife was following His leadership. I believe that God has given Amy much wisdom about pregnancy and delivery, I felt like I could trust her. The things that were important to me were that Amy provided a calm and peaceful setting, she was very informative throughout my pregnancy and delivery and she shared my values and beliefs which made decision making much easier. I would not have done this any other way! Katie S."

Baby Name: Adalyn Harper View Pictures

"I was very satisfied with the care I received at Blessed Births. The level of care and attention are second to none. I had my first child at BB and then birthed my second child there as a two week late posterior presentation. There was no undue fuss and Lydia was born perfectly healthy after a great labor. My labor stalled out for 7 hours after 8 hours of productive contractions and my midwife Amy wisely chose the wait-and-see approach. After resting awhile things picked up again and we had a baby. Amy is wonderful at letting you know she is on your side and is willing to continually go the extra mile for her clients. In the future I will be using Blessed Births - It is worth the two hour drive from Atlanta Ga!"

Baby Name: Lydia Aven View Pictures

"I did not know what to expect with a birthing center having only had a hospital birth. I am satisfied with my experience. I really appreciated the fact the I felt my desires were given more respect (I wasn't asked at every visit about birth control), my wishes were asked about regarding antibiotics, stripping membranes etc. I like the fact that there are options like using herbs and trying different things before automatically doing antibiotics. I liked the fact that I knew Amy had a lot of knowledge and could handle things that others would automatically c-section for. The things I liked best about Amy Leland and the Birth Center was that I didn't have to spend as much time waiting for my appointments like I did at the doctor's office, my wishes were respected, the cost was low and the atmosphere was great."

Baby Name: Karyssa Jihye View Pictures

"We couldn't be happier with our experience. It was so nice to have such personal one on one care. We felt completely confident in the care and at no point regretted our decision. The calm, peaceful, controlled environment made the labor and birth much more bearable and it was my first baby too!"

Baby Name: Richard Charles View Pictures

"I am extremely satisfied with my experience at Blessed Births. this was my first pregnancy and with my midwife I felt empowered to birth my baby the way I wanted to. Our birth was long but I felt confident that both my baby and I were in safe and loving hands. I would repeat my birth experience all over again in a heart beat with Amy."

Baby Name: Asher Levi View Pictures

"I had a wonderful experience at Blessed Births. Amy provided an immeasurable amount of support and information during my prenatal care. For my birth experience I felt fully supported, safe and supported through through the entirety of labor and delivery. She helped me fulfill having a natural birth in a way that I felt no other providers in the area could."

Baby Name: Sage Kielo View Pictures

"The services provided were more than we expected. Amy consistently addressed our needs and questions as we prepared to birth. The approach was straight forward, no nonsense and non-intrusive. The birth itself was miraculous. The atmosphere at Blessed Births was intimate and Amy was a step ahead at all times. Thank you Amy for a World Class Experience!"

Baby Name: Janie Rachelle View Pictures

"My experience here has been awesome again. This is my second Birthing Center birth with Amy Leland and I believe she operates out of excellence. After my experience here with her I would not choose to birth anywhere else. Amy listens well and is very sensitive and caring."

Baby Name: Zion View Pictures

"My experience was great! I had no complications. The facilities were wonderful. Amy was available to us at all times. I loved how everything was set up, it made me feel at home. Everything was exactly how I imagined it would go. I was able to labor the way I wanted to and that was comfortable to me.I was able to go home just a few hours after the birth! Amy was wonderful!"

Baby Name: Karis Lavonne View Pictures

"My experience was awesome! Amy is great at caring for you through the whole process. I couldn't have asked for a better person to deliver my babies. I love how personal she is with you, she is very caring and supportive during and after the process, you can call anytime if you have a concern day or night. She is good at what she does and I love her to pieces!"

Baby Name: Elias Matthew View Pictures

"Our expectations were surpassed by far with Amy's services. She provided understanding and education about my body and pregnancy throughout. Her professionalism and education led to out total trust in her. She was open to letting us make choices about our pregnancy without judgment or pressure. The environment was relaxing and comfortable. Most importantly her most valuable gift to us was a peaceful, safe and uncomplicated birth and start to Bayla Kate's life. Her devotion to our family will never be forgotten. She has made an unforgettable imprint on our life. Thank You!!!"

Baby Name: Bayla Kate View Pictures

"It was amazing! Amy took such good care of me I even named my baby after her. When I would go to my appointments she made me feel like I was the only patient she had. She put up with the fact that I am extremely terrified of needles and she did everything she could to work around my fear and make it easier for me. my labor and birthing experience was better than I could have ever imagined. Everyone should have their babies this way."

Baby Name: Amy Grace View Pictures

"I had both my babies with Amy Leland. At Blessed Births the wellbeing of mother and baby is of the utmost priority and while Amy is an expert in the field of midwifery she is also a kind and gentle caregiver. If in the future we decide to add to the family there is simply no other choice than Amy Leland at Blessed Births. The things I liked the most about my experience were the level of expertise and professionalism, the maintenance and appearance of the birth center and the dedication to our family long after the births."

Baby Name: Shanyia Grace View Pictures

"My experience at Blessed Births was excellent. My midwife Amy was extremely attentive to me and my husbands questions during prenatals. The care I received after the birth was wonderful too. I was taught how to care for my baby and breastfeed him in the hours immediately after he was born. The delivery couldn't have gone better and I believe it was largely due to Amy's experience. I was completely satisfied with my care and I cannot wait to have my next child at Blessed Births."

Baby Name: Emerson View Pictures

"What a great birthing experience! From the time I took a tour of the birth center through the birth of Elise Marie I felt so reassured that I was in good hands with Amy Leland. I appreciate her ability to balance scientific "head" knowledge with "heart" knowledge. I never felt rushed during an appointment and had a very calm and peaceful labor and delivery. I loved the feeling of being "in charge of" my labor but not of the delivery. I also loved Amy's concept that my pregnancy and birth was not a state of sickness. I was able to have the pregnancy and birth that I'd always wanted and had just thought was not possible. Thank you so much!"

Baby Name: Elise Marie View Pictures

"I have enjoyed all four of my pregnancies and deliveries at Blessed Births so much that I encourage anyone I know that is pregnant to go there. The care is pleasant, personal and non-invasive."

Baby Name: Jennifer Ann View Pictures

"During all of my visits leading up to labor and delivery Amy was very thorough and answered my questions with lots of details to help me understand things. During labor she was very quick and on top of all of my needs such as putting my hair up, getting a hot pack for my back and later being quick with all of the clean up. The atmosphere was very calming/relaxing and she knew exactly when to get me in the tub. She made it clear from the beginning that her primary concern was for Mommy and Baby. Amy is an excellent hard working professional and yet is a personal, caring Midwife. Her thoroughness in caring for me and my baby during and after labor, her expertise and knowledge about pregnancy/baby development and her personal interaction with me and my husband made all the difference in the world. She was not "just business" like so many MD's. We were completely satisfied and pleased with her services. Amy you are absolutely amazing. We are looking forward to seeing you for baby number two!! Thank you for all you did for us three!!!"

Baby Name: Nathaniel David View Pictures

"Amy delivered our first two babies and we were highly satisfied with both experiences. We moved to Moore SC after our 2nd birth and started to consider other options for the birth of our third. we were not satisfied with our options in Spartanburg so chose to make the drive to stay with our wonderful Midwife Amy in Greenville. We were so glad we did. Amy is so knowledgeable and thorough with prenatal visits and is the perfect "coach" during childbirth. She is so reliable and trustworthy and has a great non-invasive, minimalist natural approach to birth."

Baby Name: Micah Aaron View Pictures

"Amy Leland is a great midwife. I wish I had her for my previous pregnancies. I would recommend her to anyone I know that is pregnant or plans to become pregnant. She was very helpful throughout the entire pregnancy, delivery and afterward. She is professional but also has a desire to know her patients on a deeper level. I really appreciated her encouragement after my birth as well."

Baby Name: Vincent Anthony View Pictures

"It was amazing!! We were very satisfied with the service given. Amy was a God send the day after helping me with breast feeding. It was a huge blessing from above to have found Amy and the birthing center to help us bring Faye into the world!! I really appreciated Amy's availability, understanding and knowledge!!"

Baby Name: Faye Isabel View Pictures

"This was our second delivery at Blessed Births with Amy Leland and we wouldn't have it any other way. Our experience at Blessed Births was a great joy and blessing! Amy's attention to details, willingness to listen and help and truly make sure you are healthy is in the form of excellent care that is sincere!"

Baby Name: William Tyndale View Pictures

"I am very pleasantly satisfied. My visits have been helpful and positive which made me confident in both my and Amy's ability to deliver Sophia naturally. The day she was born was exciting and surprisingly short. I don't know if I expected something much worse but I remember feeling like I wanted to push and for the labor to be over and I was surprised when Amy said I was ready. She got the tub ready and in no time (or maybe it felt like time stood still) I had a baby girl! I was even more surprised at how almost instantly the discomfort of pregnancy and the pain of labor disappeared. Plus, I was very clear minded compared to my hospital birth. The personal relationship I developed with Amy along with her listening skills, experience and professionalism put me at ease."

Baby Name: Sophia Collette View Pictures

"We were completely satisfied. Amy is knowledgeable on all levels of care. The confidence and experience she expresses brings comfort to any new parents or even the second time around like us. The care was non-invasive with no pulling on the head and no drugs all given within in a gentle and caring environment."

Baby Name: Guiliana Pia View Pictures

"It is a experince in my lifetime that I will never forget. I love the fact that I remember every detail of my birth. Amy Leland is an awesome person and is wonderful at what she does. I loved the experience and so did my husband. It showed me what I am capable of doing because before I would never have thought I could handle something like that. I loved the fact that Amy takes time with everyone individually."

Baby Name: Kylie Breauna View Pictures

"I am happy with the care that was provided for me and my baby. I would recommend anybody having a baby to go to Blessed Births. Amy was very knowledgeable, professional, easy to talk to, we had a great midwife/client relationship and she answered all of my questions."

Baby Name: Chloe Grace View Pictures

"AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! God really blessed me by providing a place like Blessed Births. This has been a difficult time in my life personally and Amy Leland not only provided excellent medical care to me and my baby but also emotional support. I am so glad we went to blessed Births, I wouldn't have a baby any other way. Amy provided such support, gave individual attention to me and my family and was always there when I needed her. I plan to have all my children with Amy in the future."

Baby Name: Addysen Leigh View Pictures

"We were very satisfied! Wonderful care! Amy Leland is an excellent midwife. She is very professional, cares about every detail and does everything possible to ensure the safest, healthiest, most peaceful delivery possible. I had my first child naturally in the hospital. My experience with my second and third births at Blessed Births does not even compare. Amy takes excellent care of her patients. She gave me individualized attention and took time in each appointment to talk through things with me. I felt like a person and not a liability throughout the whole process of my pregnancies, deliveries and postpartum care. My actual labors and deliveries were much less stressful than at the hospital. I would tell anyone who wants to have a natural birth to go to Amy. We know that what Amy does is a huge sacrifice of her time and energy and we are thankful that the Lord has led her to do what she does. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with this delivery. Praise God! And Thank you Amy!"

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